Monday, 16 December 2013

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Bonus: Rome

I went to Rome and loved it. I took hundreds of pictures so I'll just post a few.

Night one, on the roof terrace. 

Trevi Fountain, massive with little standing room.

Colosseum groupie


Trevi selfie

Bridge on the way to the castle Sant Angelo

Beautiful Ruins

Top of the Spanish Steps

Bottom of the Spanish Steps

Church, with Jesus and the Apostles

Not quite France, but a nice effort


Roof Terrace in the sun - so much sun, and the heat.

Restaurant Groupie

Inside the Bascilla, so lovely. 

St Peter's Square


Bocca della Verita

Tiber Island


Ferrari Store

Corte Di Cassazione - on the way to the Bascilla

Wonderful sight and worth the visit, religious or not, it's something else.

More Pantheon

More Ruins

From inside the Colosseum, looking out

Into the centre

A bit further round

That is a flat ceiling, yep, painted the shadows

Shiny ceiling

Stained glass window, just after we saw Pope Borgia's fireplace, I think

A Matisse, on paper

Some more beautiful stained glass

Colosseum at night

By day

One of many gellato trips

What's been dubbed the cake church.


Vesta's Temple

Tiber Island

Hadrian's Crypt

To Finish, Mooner's Gate (Alter of the Fatherland)


Well, not wrapped. 

But I am done. 


That's 'her' sofa. She's not ours, sort of. 


Think it's Christmas


One of the presents I put together this year


I adore red velvet